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Oil on Canvas

24 inch x 30 inch



Given a little information about Artist W.

This piece is created when the Covid-19 cases had just begun in America. The lockdown order was implemented across the states. Artist W, who is a registered nurse, was struggling to defy orders about protective gears being taken away. That is when the Waiting Game started as Artist W resigned from her position after her unsuccessful attempts in pursue of the right procedure and protective equipment for the fellow staff with the provision of Covid-19 Handbook.


Time is being depicted as an ancient person (colored as raw sienna and brown head, located at the top center). Artist W is the one (with the red mouth open and blue region as hair) being embraced by time, while looking up to Time.


The embrace indicates that Time is teaching Artist W to be patient. It is like the ancient person holding Artist W to be calm and wait.


The open mouth implies questions being unanswered. The Gap in between the red mouth and blue hair of Artist W and the gap in between raw sienna and brown colored head of Time indicates opening door to the unknown future.


At the middle, there is a movement of the person as if Artist W bows, she will be leading herself to death being executed by the guillotine (on the right).


It signifies that Artist W resigned her position without bending her beliefs under the pressure of authority. She stated clearly “Without protective equipment, combating Covid-19 will be a suicide mission. I am not ready to serve and sacrifice my life without the protection of my well-being at this time. Healthcare system has failed. When an outbreak of an illness has no cure nor vaccination, prevention is the key. Yet, prevention is being taken away. Outbreak will come.”


The various shapes on the left (orange, and grey blue) and on the right (teal, sky blue and pink), represent mirrors.


Existence of mirrors is a reflection of own action giving glimpse to the future. It implies that Artist W constantly evaluates her personal actions and holds herself accountable for her own future she is creating.


This piece of artwork “Waiting Game” alerts Artist W the importance of patience and self-examination.

Waiting Game

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