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Oil on Canvas

30 inch x 40 inch



This piece of artwork “Portrait of a Painter” is a multi-dimensional expression of how Artist W views herself as a painter and how she paints as a portrait artist. Let’s start viewing this piece of art.


Start simple. On the left, there is a standing French Easel that has a Canvas composed of light pink and light purple color. On the right, there is a woman with an eye mask (flesh tint color) at the right upper area, and with flesh tint lips more toward the center. The red color at the right center depicts her hand and wrist holding her chin.


Holding chin is a delicate gesture. As to Artist W, painting is a delicate activity that requires sophistication with feelings. Wearing an eye mask in the painting suggests that Artist W creates art without seeing.




Most often, when Artist W paints or draws, she does it without thinking nor looking at what she is doing. It is like an isolated activity from her sense of beauty and her critical mind.


Next, the red color and the green color on the right center creates the shadow of Artist W, as if she is standing alone.


That shadow suggests painting, indeed, is an Alone Action.


At the center, there is a yellow shape that is the head of a stick figure with bright orange legs. To its left, there is another stick figure of phthalo blue with medium green legs as if the figure is leaning against the wall admiring the giant canvas being spread open on the right.


This gives the audience an idea that Artist W, most often, enjoys admiring her own creation/art and spend hours upon hours reading them.


To the upper left, following the purple lines gives you the sight of another person facing right.


This piece of artwork “Portrait of a Painter” gives insights of how Artist W paints.

Portrait of a Painter

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