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Originally from a small common wealth community in New England Amel was surrounded by a defined line of ignorance and poverty. He found solitude and peace in art. Art was not only an escape but also a way to express his individuality in a overly conservative environment. In his early teens he would take the train out of the country into the closest city's where his creativity was greatly inspired by urban culture, music, and among all diversity. Influenced by graffiti, music, and architecture he adapted his own style. Over the years his studies introduced Amel to geometry, spatial arts and his own personal interest in advertising. His education and experiences only defined his interests in art, but also refined it. In 2007 He moved to Florida where he collaborated with local artist to create Square One Art Group. Throwing there first event at The Masquerade in Ybor City. The event featured more than 25 artists. The show was a great success and generated over 3000 art enthusiasts. Square One organized many art event that year and later helped transition the Masquerade into The Ritz of Ybor. The crest of the Ritz designed by Gary Randall and hand painted on the center theater floor by the group is still present 10 years later. Amel's affiliation with The Ritz projected his career into Branding, Advertising, Event Planning and Promotions. He later started his on label branding and marketing local company's though out Florida. His business has grown steadily over the years advancing into production such as packaging and custom product manufacturing. After years of growth in a his creative career he was inspired by fellow artist and friend RAYSHEILRIGAUD to open EARTH & BONE STUDIOS. 


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