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  There is beauty everywhere...if you look for it. Many of the everyday things we pass by in our busy lives go unobserved. I see my job as an artist to bring them to the forefront, to make us see what we have previously missed. To appreciate the unappreciated.
   I paint seemingly unconnected items and mix them in various ways, often times to make a statement. I explore the common elements that are shared by the objects while introducing tension with my choice of colors and textures.
   My paintings are large by design. Each canvas is 3x4 feet. I don't generally do any other size. I have found that when shown together, the common size lends a solid foundation to the chaos that is often found in my compositions.
   Someone once asked me..."Why don't you paint trees? Trees are lovely and would sell". I replied with a question of my own... "Have you ever seen a beautiful painting of a tree?" The answer was a resounding "Of course!", to which I replied...That's why I don't need to paint them, there are many fine artists doing that already".".
   My objective is to meld myself with my subject matter. I want those who see the objects I paint to immediately think of my art. Once a viewer begins to see oddly paired common objects in everyday life and thinks...that reminds me of Mike Knapp's art...then I have been successful.

Michael Knapp

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I'm just your run-of-the-mill swamp spirit. I was hatched out of a gator's mouth, worship in palm cathedrals, eat cottonmouth eggs for breakfast, and paint with oil and mud. I have always feared sacrificing my dreams, my voice, for a moment of comfort.

Hi there, I'm Hannah!  Being an artist is integral to my identity.  I’ve been illustrating, painting and creating ever since I was old enough to wield the tools necessary to do so.  Upon graduating high school with a diploma in Art, I  attended and subsequently dropped out of one of the country's best art schools (I needed the 'art school drop out' bragging rights!).  Then, I went on to obtain a bachelor's degree in Integrative Animal Biology from the University of South Florida. Now, I own my own businesses, Hannah Lorra Arts, and create original and commissioned art works for clients in the Tampa Bay area and abroad.  Sometimes I do portrait photography as well.

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Carlos Pons Paz

Carlos Pons is a painter and multimedia artist currently working in the Tampa Bay area. Born in Guatemala City, his family moved to America in the year 2000 for better opportunities. Carlos has worked as an art instructor at a local organization working with adults with disabilities for 4 years, and is currently a full time fine artist. Carlos is a self taught artist who’s work reflects the illusion of reality and the human experience. His dramatic sceneries, although rich in color, project a vague reality through amorphous figures and incoherent spaces.

After teaching art to adults with special needs, Carlos decided to venture into doing art full time in the Summer of 2018. He currently spends time in his studio creating large surreal paintings while also taking on art commissions.



Psychology states that pattern + repetition allow people to feel at ease and develop a meditative feeling. My work involves organic abstractions that create patterns in a non-representational way. The act of pouring paint allows me to express my interest in repetition while invoking patterns that exist in nature.


Everyone has a story, I like to tell mine through design.

As a 2016 Ringling College of Art & Design graduate, my illustration sparks a sense of serenity to whisk you away and out of your day to day routines. With every design I make I focus on the way that  the media combines to create something that will leave a visual impact on the viewer. I use acrylic, inks, watercolor and  other non-traditional mediums such as adobe photoshop and procreate to structure my pieces. I push the boundaries of my artistry to incorporate a feeling that pairs with the artwork to emotionally engage my audience through my pieces.


Chaimae Oualid

Chaimae Oualid, born in 1996, Rabat, Morocco, is an artist based in Tampa, Florida. By manipulating the viewer to create confusion, Chaimae tries to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based only on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to make new personal associations.



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Sarah Eisner

Currently based in Sarasota, Sarah Eisner spent the last 5 years focusing on communicating through the visual medium of painting.
In 2018, Sarah’s artistic journey brought her to New York for a course in modern art at Christie’s where she learned the power and impact visual expression could have—on herself and the world. Through her art, she has incorporated blending and finger painting techniques, various mediums, and different cultural elements to develop her own unique approach to communicate the pain she and many others have experienced. The pain and concepts expressed in her paintings have become a physical manifestation of the healing process that she believes we are all capable of.

Sarah’s emphasis on authentic sight has been the primary focus of her paintings, which allowed her to feel seen—literally and figuratively—not only by herself, but others in a time where connection and feeling truly “seen” is no guarantee. Driven by love for the world, she enjoys using her art to open up unfiltered conversations with regards to the realms of light and dark in life. Although she hasn't felt the urge to stop exploring and settle on a specific style, Sarah tends to incorporate the subject matter of eyes and the female form, both of which express the concept of being “seen.”


Quinn Cale

Originally from Middletown, Delaware but currently Tampa based artist, Quinn Cale, has been honing her skills in painting for the past several years. Originally only working with a variety of mediums, Quinn blended her love for space and with her lifelong love for art, bringing about the perfect marriage of her two passions.



a reminder to never lose track of where you’re going, while never fully leaving behind where you’ve come from. Each piece; the madness behind the magick, whimsy floating up the waves of creation. Each work acting as an inner piece of myself turned outward. Paint, photos, words, sentimental madness and silly scriptures written beneath each image to represent my perspectives. always feel free to reach for creations/projects or just to talk & learn from each other! I love connecting with my community & am always deeply inspired by so many of you! Thank you for being here !

@ Ruts_10110  @sxbrujita. 

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Shawn Rainey the artist known as Fabstraq is an artistic soul who has been creating art since his early childhood. From paintings to poetry, this multifaceted artist delivers inspiration with each of his artistic abilities.

Early in life, Fabstraq, struggled with various forms of trauma which led to painful feelings of isolation and rejection. These feelings took him to the darkest places of his being and increasingly became a detriment to his development. Feeling hopeless and alone, he longed to find an escape and that’s when he was introduced to Art.

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FKA Halay

I am mostly inspired by human behavior and emotions. I like to tell stories and champion quiet conversations through out my artworks. Most depict idolization and heartbreak. My creativity was birthed in Rhode Island, but has been brewing for the last seven years in Florida. The final product is true Tampa Art.

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Known as INDIE REECE is a self taught painter and illustrator.

His work ranges from abstract, to tribal influenced, Asian culture and a Sci-Fi Fantasy imagination. With love for nature, lines and shapes, and texture he combines all these elements to create an Afro-Futurism take on the world around us through his eyes. Jaurice also serves as a curator and board member for the New Roots Art Collective, an all black artists committee bringing together new faces to public art in Tampa, Florida.

For business inquires please email

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From the City of the Eternal Spring, Medellin Colombia, “Neeto” moved to Florida in 1997 with a curiosity and passion for art from a young age.  As a self-taught artist, much of his inspiration comes from contemporary and pop artists who can be seen through his work that consists of popular animated characters in different styles to help create feelings of nostalgia and bring back fond memories.

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